Mana: Europe's First Complete-Nutrition Food

Established in 2014 by young visionary Jakub Krejcik, Mana was Europe’s first complete-nutrition food. Krejcik founded the company out of his garage in 2014 with little startup capital and no assistance from investors. His intention was not just to engineer a peak-nutrition powder, but an economical, environmentally-friendly product that would accelerate the sustainable food movement.

“What a true honor. We were the first producer of complete-nutrition powders in the European Union, and we now have the opportunity to share our tradition with the USA. Our vision has always been to produce an all-in-one product backed by science for sustainable living, and this will take us one step closer," says Krejcik.

$2 per Meal

Mana is a powder that mixes with water to produce a nutritionally balanced, 400-calorie meal in just seconds. This is 20% of the average daily nutritional requirement for adults. The powder has a creamy, neutral oat flavor, making it combinable with anything from bananas to spinach. The price per box (containing 35 complete meals) is $69. Each meal therefore costs just under $2.

A Nutritional Powerhouse

Mana is developed at our headquarters by our team of scientists, biochemists, and food processing experts. It is free of preservatives, GMO, lactose, and animal products. One portion delivers 20 g of protein, 38 vitamins and minerals, fiber, a mixture of 5 plant oils with algae EPA and DHA omega-3s, and complex carbohydrates with a total glycemic index (GI) of 29. Mana's nutritional composition is based on two of our own clinical studies, as well as dozens of other clinical studies conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Every year, we update our recipe in accordance with the latest findings in science, as well as customer feedback.


We operates with a view to global sustainability and balance in food-production processes. This is one of the reasons our products are purely plant-based.

We have also invested millions of dollars into developing new, environmentally friendly technologies. These include innovations of our production line in 2018, which reduced plastic packaging by 50% and paper packaging by 20%, as well as development of a patented, high-speed cold mixer, which saves energy by mixing at low temperatures and eliminates the need for our oil mixture to be served in a separate bottle. Our is also recycled, and our products require no refrigeration.

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