New Mana Headquarters: Time to Expand

Over six years ago, Mana was created in the garage of our founder and CEO, Jakub Krejcik. But what began as a bootstrap effort to develop complete and healthy food for friends and family quickly turned into a large-scale initiative to serve the planet and its people. To accommodate rising demand, the company moved its main production operations from warehouse to warehouse. Every new warehouse, however, ultimately ended up too small. This is why, at the end of the summer, Mana moved its entire European headquarters into a single, modern facility that meets even the highest standards for engineering and production of science-based food. Better equipment, more space, and more opportunity to develop products and serve customers.

In September, we took the plunge and moved our European office and warehouse under the single roof of a brand new building. Not only because we had outgrown our previous warehouse and production facility, but because close cooperation between it and our office, which was a couple miles away, was becoming an obstacle to growth. The new warehouse is bigger, more modern, fitted with better equipment, and easier to maintain hygienically. We have multiple offices just above it, which house all our departments from RnD, to accounting, to customer care. The entire Mana team is now fully integrated, and no person or place is more than a few steps away. 

From one HQ to the next

The first Mana headquarters was a total DIY job. Then, step by step, we moved into a series of progressively bigger and better-equipped spaces, until we reached an arrangement that served us quite well for a number of years. Our last warehouse was fully equipped, including with patented mixing technology, and our office was an objectively cool space. Nevertheless, we knew that if the past was any indication of the future, these spaces–just like the garage we started inwould one day be too small. 

No longer starting up, but expanding

Sure enough, we have grown. Our sales have increased, our product line has matured, and we opened up a branch in the US in 2019. The time was perfect to move to a new headquarters. So far, this has allowed us to consolidate our operations and has cleared the way for the next phase of expansion. The HQ is fitted with everything we need to respond to any spike in demand, such as we experienced last spring during the first wave of COVID-19, and ultimately, it will be the stage for development of more sophisticated products for our customers. Mana — meet your new home.

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