For True Chocolate Lovers

ManaDrink™ Choco delivers all the unique benefits of Mana in the form of a guilt-free sweet treat. 

Taste the Difference

World-Class Cocoa

Our Choco drink gets its color and flavor from best-quality cocoa. The taste is delectably chocolatey and mellow, and naturally a little bit sweet. But not too sweet!

A Nutritional Powerhouse

Cocoa Offers Loads of Health Benefits

Cocoa is rich in nutrients like potassium, fiber, and protein. It also speeds up the nervous system, lowers blood pressure, and reduces the risk of Alzheimer's and cardiovascular disease. Maybe even more importantly, it makes us happy :)


Delightfully Creamy

The consistency of ManaDrink™ Choco is rich—like that of a milkshake, just without the milk. It's designed to be perfectly smooth on its own, but feel free to add it to smoothies or eat it together with other foods.

New Mark 6 Recipe

A Stacked 330 Kcal

Not only do we adapt our products to the latest findings in science, we regularly implement feedback from our customers, including with regard to taste. That's why one serving of ManaDrink™ contains 330 calories (a bit less than one serving of our powder). The technology behind the drink is different, so a lower calorie count enables us to keep the taste fresh, as well as modify it for other flavors like Origin.