Taster Pack

Taste the Future

Mana is a science-based food that delivers everything your body needs.

Limited Edition
Mark 6 

Taster Pack

All our drinks and powders in a single package.

4 meals (2 powders, 2 drinks)

400 calories per meal

Origin and Choco flavors


Nutrition facts

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Free continental


30-day money-back


shelf life

Ships within 24 hours on weekdays. 
Expiration date: 02/2022

Nutritionally Complete

42 essential nutrients
38 vitamins & minerals
6 types of protein

The most advanced food in the world. It contains everything your body needs and nothing more.

Effortless Eating

No cooking necessary
No washing dishes
No shopping hassle

Experiencing Mana is as simple as ABC. For powder, just mix with water. For drink, just twist off the cap.

Mind-Blowing Taste

2 mouthwatering flavors
Tweaked to excellence
Awesome consistency

Our neutral Origin flavor is slightly oaty & subtly sweet, while our Choco flavor is undeniably rich & chocolatey.

Designed to Enhance

High-tech production
Clinically proven

Laboratory analyses, clinical product testing, and knowledge of the human body are the bases of this functional food.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Free shipping
No fuss in case of refund
Proactive customer support

If you don't like it, get a full refund. No questions asked.


Box dimensions

16.1 in (L) x 8.5 in (W) x 2.8 in (H)

Box weight

2.8 lbs

Servings per box

1x ManaPowder Origin (3 oz/400 calories)
1x ManaPowder Choco (3 oz/400 calories)
1x ManaDrink Origin (11.2 fl oz/330 kcal)
1x ManaDrink Choco (11.2 fl oz/330 kcal)

Shelf life

ManaPowder: 18 months
ManaDrink: 12 months

Behind the Scenes

Mana as Medicine

Consumption of Mana, thanks to its wide spectrum of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, brings 173 benefits to your body and brain according to the scientific evaluations of the European Food Safety Authority. (As a European company, we base our foods on their nutritional requirements.)

Scientific data has shown that Mana is not just a nutritionally complete food, but a comprehensive aid for the achievement of better health.

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Mana as Food

Mana is a plant-based, nutritionally complete food designed for everyday use, which will give your body everything it needs for best performance in whatever you do. This has been established by hard data from lab analyses.

It contains an unrivalled mixture of 6 proteins, including a complete spectrum of amino acids, 6 types of fat, including a balanced ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, 8 types of carbs for slow-burning energy, and 38 vitamins and minerals. Altogether, it delivers 42 essential nutrients.

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Mana as Energy

Neither humans nor the machines we use can function without energy. And, as the law of conservation of energy clearly states, energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed.

Our primary source of energy is the sun, which drives photosynthesis in the plants that make up Mana. We use this very same energy to power our production machinery, as well as our other production, logistics, and office operations.

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