Hack Your New Year's Resolutions

Lose weight, gain muscle, spend time with family... We all look to the new year with the hope that this year will be different. Better. Often, however, it's just wishful thinking. Mana is a nutritionally complete and effective food that will give you the inspiration and strength not to back out this time.

Get in Shape

Exercise and Diet Go Hand in Hand

Make a realistic plan that motivates you. Want to start running or working out? Set an initial goal of 1 km and lighter weights. Soon you'll naturally want more because you'll feel great!

What about diet? Good news! You can get in shape without dieting! Mana is nutritionally complete food that instantly gives you all the nutrients you need - before and after your workout. With Mana, you know exactly how many calories and nutrients you're giving your body, so you're in control of your calorie intake. Oh - and it tastes divine!

Save Money

Start With a Daily Investment. Food.

After housing costs, we spend the most money on food. Mana is not only healthy and tasty, but also inexpensive food with prices starting from $1.76 per meal!

Assuming that the average home cooked meal costs $4, with our Family Pack of 140 servings you will save more than $300! Check out Mana in powder form.

Save Time


Cook a meal

Wash the dishes

Develop hobbies

Be with family

Read a book

Do you waste time grocery shopping, cooking and washing dishes? Assuming that the average meal takes 30 mins to prepare, if you have Mana at least once a day,
you save up to 15 hours a month!

Mix ManaPowder with water, or just twist the cap of your  ManaDrink.  Eat efficiently and get more time to live.

Kickstart a Great New Year. With Mana.

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Customer Experience

Sina D.

Family Pack | Origin

Obsessed with it. Helped me so much to reach my fitness goals.

Joshua R.

FamilyPack™ | Origin

I have to say I'm impressed. It's been 3 days and I'm already here thanking god that I have a diet that is beneficial to my health and my schedule. It's great, and that's about it.

Sophie L.

ManaPowder™ | Choco

Quick, delicious and nutritious breakfast for the whole family. Without grocery shopping and cooking.

Noah S.

ManaDrink™ | Origin

A great thing! When I get off work around five, I drink Mana on the way to the gym and can get my sweat on straight away.

Belinda B.

ManaPowder™ | Origin

After cancer treatment my appetite and digestion are poor. These save my life and give me life and.. They are vegan!

Sherry T.

ManaPowder™ | Origin

I am loving this powder. I use the powder to make smoothies. It is so delicious and everything that I expected. The supply is well worth it too.

Leonardo M.

ManaPowder™ | Origin

I think it’s great but the only thing I didn’t like is that I believe they should include the drinking bottle aswell in the box.

Yuchong M.

Taster Pack

The tester pack was great for my roadtrip during the holiday when I was traveling in areas with no vegan options. Thank you for the great tasting Taster Pack!

"Something Extra" Is Our Mantra

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Full Refund
No Questions Asked



We believe in our revolutionary product. We also understand that human physiology and psychology are very individual. That's why anyone who buys from us automatically gets a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don't like your Mana, we'll give you a full refund.

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Like Smoothies?

Mana gives you endless possibilities, so you never get tired of it. You can adjust the temperature, the consistency, add fruit or vegetables and make a delicious smoothie, or spice it up with your favourite spices or coffee.

Check out the best recipe ideas not only from us at Mana, but also from our customers.

Ultimate tips for making the most of Mana >


Save Even More Money and Time!


Every order with a minimum 10% discount and free shipping on top of that? Our subscription turns science fiction into reality.

Choose your products, set the frequency of shipments and enjoy automatic delivery of Mana at the unbeatable lowest price and no shipping fees.

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