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Mana | Starter Kit

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Treat yourself to Mana anytime, anywhere. You find everything you need to eat ManaPowder in our Starter Kit. The original plastic bottle has a volume of 34 fl oz and holds up to 1000 cal. It allows precise dosing and accurate water measurement thanks to the markings on the back. It is impact resistant. You also find a hint for the correct ratio of powder and water. For exact ManaPowder measuring, the kit includes a robust stainless steel measuring cup. This way you always know exactly how many calories you are using.

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Need help choosing?

In the box

1x Mana | Scoop, 1x Mana | Bottle


Main features

The Starter Kit offers everything you need for a comfortable ManaPowder consumption. The impact resistant bottle has a volume of 34 fl oz and holds up to 1000 cal. Thanks to the markings on the back, you know what ratio of powder to water is needed. The stainless steel measuring cup makes dosing of the powder super easy. In one scoop you get 200 cal of ManaPowder.


Mana Bottle


Tritan, a high strength and durable material. It is BPA/BPS free = bisphenol A/ bisphenol S free.



Mana Logo on the front of the bottle.

Measuring on the back of the bottle with a hint for the correct water to powder ratio.

Wide opening for more convenient powder dispensing.

Impact-resistant and durable.

Does not leak.

Screw cap.

Can be completed with the stylish and practical Nalgene bottle cap.



The bottle can be used for cold or hot drinks. It is made of impact-resistant material.

The material does not absorb odors.



Rinse and dry thoroughly after each use. Can also be washed in the dishwasher. Store the clean bottle in a dry place.


Size: 8.5 In x 3.5 In

Weight 6.4 oz

Volume 1 liter/34 fl oz


Mana Scoop



Stainless steel



1 serving per scoop = 200 cal.

Stainless steel and easy to wash.

Robust design that lasts for years.

Mana logo on the bottom and on the handle of the scoop.

Fits right in the hand.


Length 14,3 cm/56 In
Weight 59.6 g/2.1 oz
Volume 70 ml/2.4 fl oz
Holds 43 g/1.5 oz of powder = 200 calories in the form of ManaPowder.