Philipp Voß

Personal Fitness, Health & Wellbeing Coach

My name is Philipp Voß and I have been working independently as a personal coach since 2011. I’ve been trained in physiotherapy, osteopathy, and a number of other areas of fitness and health. My customers include several celebrities, as well as managers and founders of companies that are well known in Saxony, the region of Germany where I live.

In 2017, I and my business partner Michaela-Johanne Meindertsma founded the company MJM Butterfly GmbH & Co. KG. We develop training and nutritional programs for individuals, and most recently, we released a 24/7 personal trainer app called Butterfly Coach.

Why I use Mana?

I"’ve always been a proponent of colourful and balanced diets. But even as a health coach, I’ve caught myself reaching for unhealthy junk food when I’m in a rush. Sometimes it’s just hard to avoid. Mana, however, does an excellent job of filling those “food gaps,” and it also makes a nice base for smoothies, so my diet is still as colourful as ever!"